About David Zahler

A veteran staffing executive, David Zahler brings more than three decades of experience to his current role as the chief executive officer of AMR Staffing Services. The firm, which maintains headquarters in Bellflower, California, specializes in providing both permanent and temporary employees to companies in a wide range of industries. Under David Zahler’s direction, the company has implemented generous employee benefit programs and workplace safety initiatives. Bolstering its reputation as an employee-friendly, conscientious company, AMR actively seeks ways to become more eco-friendly while providing medical benefits that exceed the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

David Zahler studied business and finance at California State University, Long Beach, before beginning his career in the professional staffing industry. Prior to launching AMR Staffing, Mr. Zahler realized that most companies in manufacturing had moved overseas. After recognizing the growth potential of the influx of products through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, that many companies would need workers to move the imported products to stores, he founded AMR Staffing to provide staffing solutions for industry employees and employers. Since its launch, the firm has expanded beyond the transportation industry while maintaining its sense of business trends, and it currently partners with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Outside of his professional life, David Zahler pursues a wide range of hobbies, including traveling, sailing, and scuba diving. A history buff, he enjoys studying the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mexico, Greece, and other regions.


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